Boys Varsity Rugby · High School Boys Rugby win in rain-soaked match vs St. Augustine 65-5

5 Saint Augustine High School
65 Coronado High School
Away   Home
Away Home
Saint Augustine High School vs Coronado High School
5 65
1 5   19
2 -   46

The High School Boys Rugby team won their home match versus St. Augustine in what should have been a low scoring event considering the weather conditions. It appears that all those practices on the beach often hitting the surf for dropped balls made the team nearly unstoppable in the rain. Special thanks to Eli and the City of Coronado for helping make this happen by allowing our many beach practices. The match was initially very competitive with Coronado having to claw their way across the pitch with many short runs ending with Paul Fieweger taking it over for the first Try of the match. St. Augustine would respond with a Try of their own making the match even 5 to 5. Normally rain makes catching the rugby ball nearly impossible resulting in countless knock-on penalties (dropping the ball forward) limiting scoring opportunities. We did have over twenty scrums in this match, which is a lot, but not nearly as many as you would expect with all of the water on the pitch. Paul would score again on the next possession and then the Team Captain, Teddy Hendrickson, got into the mix scoring on the outside. Juleon Weimann put the conversion through the posts making the score 17-5 with 10 minutes left before the half.

In Coronado’s last two matches the Forward pack struggled with winning scrums and often lost the ball in and around the ruck. But today they were on fire with lots of hard running by Connor Bernard, Nick Penny, Asa Valdivia, Declan Homan and Mitchell Crowe followed by solid aggressive rucking which constantly kept pressure on the defense. Nick Penny, the teams Hooker, did a great job of leading the scrums today with the rest of Forwards often setting up Paul for a big run. Paul is the Teams Eight-Man who picks up the ball at the rear of the scrum. He can either run with it or let Juleon, the scrum half, have it to feed out to the Backs. Paul would score again at the half making the total 22-5. Paul is a Beast with a capitol “B”, but his supporting cast of Forwards has a lot to do with his success.

The second half would start with some solid Coronado defense causing a turnover and yet another score off the back of the scrum by Paul. All of this constant pounding by the Forward’s caused the clouds to open up releasing all of their rain soaking the pitch and all the players. Ironically, this is when I saw Juleon Weimann look up into the sky with a look of satisfaction. I can only imagine what he was thinking, but I’m certain it was along the lines of; bring it on, I love this weather! In this constant downpour is where the Backs began to take over.

Coronado was pinned deep near their own Try Zone with a 5-meter scrum. Juleon picked up the ball near the scrum and then kicked a booming kick down field. He then led the chase with Joe Williamson who initially possessed the ball before Juleon grabbed it again taking it further down field. Teddy would then pick it up and run completely around the defense to the outside going in for another score. Bobby Zajonc, a super speedy winger, would get in on the action scoring his first Try of the season. Juleon would score as well and then he kicked a very tough conversion from the outer edges of the field. Joe Williamson, a rising rugby superstar, would add two more Try’s with some very hard running. The match would finish with one more Try by Paul making the final score 68-5. Juleon Weimann would be awarded player of the match for his outstanding play but everyone played will in an early morning match under adverse conditions. They proved once again that training for adversity with a band of brothers or sisters can make you nearly unstoppable. The boys have arrived but now they must learn one of the hardest lessons of all, can we maintain consist levels of excellence? We shall see next Saturday as the boys are away against a tough Fallbrook High School team with a 1:30 PM kick off. The Coronado Girls (The Sisterhood) are away as well for their first matches of the season at Mission Vista high school with a 9 AM kick off. Let’s hope it’s another day of torrential down pour of rain and Coronado scoring. Thank you for your support and we’ll see you on the pitch.