Athletes should submit a signed physical form when registering for a CHS sport. Forms need to be signed and stamped by a medical practitioner and dated anytime after June 1 of the starting school year.

CHS sports physical form

Forms should be submitted to the student store on CHS campus.

UPDATE 6/12/2020: For  2020 Fall sports, CIF is granting a temporary waiver for the physical examination form. Per CIF

“In order to be granted a temporary waiver of the Pre-Participation Physical Examination (Bylaw 503.G.), the parent/legal guardian and student MUST complete, sign and submit to their school administration the required 503.G. Waiver and Release of Liability Form. In addition to the requirements discussed above, a student athlete requesting a temporary waiver must submit to the school administration a student Health Screening Form completed and signed by the student’s parent/legal guardian prior to participating in tryouts, practice or interscholastic athletic competition. These documents will be posted on the CIF website in the coming weeks (”