Islander Sports Foundation Middle School Sports Program

Mission and Values

            The mission of the Islander Sports Foundation middle school sports program is to offer well-organized, fun, healthy, and social physical activities that support school spirit, complement academic priorities, and respond to a breadth of student athletic and sporting interests. These values guide the middle school sports program.

Participation – The program seeks to provide the widest possible opportunities for athletic participation, both within individual sports and teams, and across our sports program.

Teamwork – Our program and athletic coaches promote the value of teamwork, including student-athletes supporting one another and valuing their individual contributions to team accomplishments.

Effort – Individual improvement and team accomplishments rest on a foundation of individual effort and commitment. Coaches reinforce the value of effort as part of practice.

Complement to Academics. The middle school program is designed to act as a complement to the primary academic goals of middle school. ISF will seek to minimize overlap times between school time and games to the maximum extent possible within the constraints of the leagues in which teams participate.

Healthy Competition. Competition is a healthy part of striving to achieve and become better in many aspects of sports and life.  In the middle school sports program, we seek to enjoy competition for the fun and motivation it provides with peers, including emotional satisfaction in the presence of accomplishments, and lessons to strive for in the presence of challenges.  The ISF program does not judge itself based on wins and losses, but on fulfilling our mission and pursuing our core values.

Competition Policy: Competition is a natural part of some athletic activities. In some sports, ISF may offer teams at different levels of competition. In order to participate in our partner leagues, our most competitive teams will have increased emphasis on competition, which may result in different players playing at different times and in different games to achieve competitive goals.  In leagues that have a playoff/championship, if ISF offers multiple teams, it is expected that the “A” level team will have more focus on competition and will not be rostered based solely on age or grade level.  As an organization, however, our mission and values prioritize participation and teamwork most highly.  Across all games within a league, players can expect to have an average of 50% total play time, even if not in specific games.  However, student-athletes earn play time by investing effort, attending practice, participating, and bringing a positive attitude.