Islander Sports Foundation

CMS Sports Schedules

The Middle School Sports program Athletic Director will contact parents of registered players prior to the start of the season providing basic information about practice and game schedules. The specific schedule of games will be shared and posted on the ISF website once the School’s league meets to determine the season’s game schedule. Some sports will provide team specific information through the website and app, Team Snap. The Athletic Director will send you an invitation to join Team Snap for your specific team. Be sure to elect notifications for your team account so you receive updates on any changes to time or location.

Many Middle School Sports teams compete against other middle schools requiring travel around the San Diego area. Students are responsible for securing transportation to any away games. Occasionally the scheduled game time will require athletes to have an early dismissal from school. Students will have an excused absence for the time missed due to sports games but are still responsible for any assigned schoolwork. Middle School sports seeks to minimize the conflict with school so will try to limit the early dismissals.

Coronado has limited sports facilities and Middle School usually has second priority behind Coronado High School sports. As a result, our practice times can be evenings or weekends. We will try to minimize schedule events during these times but we have limited access to the gym and fields.