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CMS Boys Baseball – Fall

Coronado Middle School Boys Baseball offers a great introduction to this fast-paced, competitive team sport. All registered players will be assigned to a team. Players complete a skills evaluation at the beginning of the season and are placed on a team accordingly. This sport is limited to 7th and 8th grade boys only, and will be limited to 30 players.

Coach: Scott Meloche

Equipment:  Players need to come ready to play at the first practice with baseball cleat, baseball pants, hat and a baseball glove.  Uniforms will be provided and must be returned at the end of the season.

Games:  CMS Boys Baseball plays against teams from around San Diego. We host several games at our home field, the Sandlot, and the team will also travel to face off-island opponents. Parents are required to provide transportation to and from games.  All games will be held on weekends.

All CMS students must be in good academic standing in order to participate in CMS sports.

Website: Communication will be also through the baseball Facebook page, CMS Baseball.  Please feel free to contact Cindy Kullberg with any specific Baseball question: