Dear Coronado High School Athletics Supporter,

Athletics are a source of opportunity, health, social engagement, and personal satisfaction among Coronado High School (CHS) students. Every year, Islanders train and compete together with pride. Supporting a vibrant athletics program that benefits the students, school, and community, requires family and community support. This page provides a general overview of how athletics are supported financially at CHS/CMS and how donations made to the Islander Sports Foundation (ISF) are directed to benefit CHS/CMS athletics. Students at CHS/CMS are fortunate to have the option to participate in 27 sports (both CIF and Club) at the high school. At a minimum, foundational expenditures are required in order for these sports to operate, as outlined in the pyramid at the bottom of this page. Athletic funding comes from the school district and through donations to and fundraising run by ISF. In total, the Coronado Unified School District provides for two coaches for each sport (some exceptions) and an overall budgeted amount of $13,000 for ALL sports and their costs. This amount falls far short of covering the total costs of foundational expenses. Without voluntary contributions from families and additional fundraising activities, sports at Coronado High School would not exist.

In 1994, a group of parents started the Islander Sports Foundation, a nonprofit to help fill the financial gaps of our sports programs. Every sport at the high school operates within the structure of the nonprofit 501C(3) foundation. ISF allows every sport to raise funds and collect donations. Without this structure, each sport would need to establish and maintain its own nonprofit. ISF provides opportunities for each sport to raise funds (through races, snack bars, and other opportunities). ISF also organizes an annual 4th of July race each year, the foundation’s main source of non-donated funds.

For all sports, there are three types of expenses; (a) foundational, (b) sport specific, and (c) spirit packs.

Foundational Expenses: These are items that are required for our programs to run. They include but are not limited to: medical supplies, league fees, CIF San Diego, and CIF State fees/dues, maintaining an ISF website, insurance (for additional booster paid coaches), officials for many sports (in most cases officials receive over $130.00 per game), expenses to maintain ISF’s non-profit status, event fees, and ISF awards.

Sport Specific Expenses: Important items that are particular to each sport. These could include: extra coaches, equipment, uniforms, or lifeguard fees.

Spirit Pack: These are those extras, t-shirts, matching practice gear, bags, sweats, banquet expenses, and other booster items that are not required to compete. While no student will ever be denied a chance to participate based on money, without voluntary contributions CHS athletics would not exist. Within each sport, funds raised through voluntary donations and other fundraising activities are first applied to covering foundational expenses so that the CHS athletics program can operate. After that, contributions and funds raised may then be applied to additional sport specific expenses (layer 2) and then spirit pack items (layer 3). Further details regarding how donations are utilized can be obtained at parent meetings or by contacting any ISF board member.