Islanders News · Lastest Information from State CIF Office

Hey Islanders

Here is the latest from the CIF state office.  Still lots of unanswered questions but here are the basics:

  1. Season 1 sports have been pushed back until after Jan 1, 2021 but no actual date has been published.
  2. Boys Volleyball has been pushed to Season 2 so most likely will not start until March
  3. All regional and state competitions have been cancelled to allow longer for longer regular seasons
  4. When we play remember that students will need to register and provide a physical and confirmation page.  If you have already been cleared your student is good to go.

For now Islanders, we will need to hang in there.  And please do your part to keep the spread of COVID at a minimum that is going to be the fastest way to get back on the field/court, pool, track etc…

If you would like to read the actual press release please click on the link below.


Robin Nixon – CHS Athletic Director