Co-ed Flag Rugby Middle School · CMS Flag Rugby

CMS Winter Sports is pleased to offer Co-Ed Flag Rugby.

Description: According to sport’s lore, in 1823 William Webb Ellis, a pupil at Rugby School in England, defied the conventions of the day (that the ball may only be kicked forward) to pick up the ball and run with it in a game, thus creating the game of rugby.

Rugby is a team sport that allows you to create your own opportunities playing both offense and defense at the same time.  Rugby is the only contact sport offered to Girls in High School and College.  Rugby builds character and welcomes you into a community unlike any other in the world.

Rugby is now the fastest growing sport in the Nation and home of one the best professional teams in America, the San Diego Legion.  Coronado Rugby was created seven years ago and we pride ourselves on modeling excellence and an attitude of continued improvement.  We play rugby to be with our friends, to have fun and just like our predecessors to be just a little bit different.

What you can expect from each class: 

  1. Improved strength, agility and fitness
  2. A learning environment built upon support of your fellow teammate
  3. Competitive Flag Rugby lessons and strategy
  4. An opportunity to learn tackle rugby for interested players

Dates: December 1 through February 11

Days: Tuesday and Thursday

Times: 4pm to 5:30pm

Location: Will vary by week

Equipment: Soccer or rugby/football cleats, shorts, shirt, water, mouthpiece (preferably a single upper or basketball type) and a willingness to learn rugby.

Students: Minimum of 5 students and maximum of 12 students per cohort

Coach: Santos Trujillo is a retired Navy SEAL Master Chief who has been playing and coaching rugby for over twenty years.  Seth Trujillo is a former CMS/CHS student and coach of the Coronado Tritons Under-14 Team.

Please note: There will be no restrooms or water facilities available during sports sessions.

Any questions should be sent to the CMS Sports Athletic Director, Kristen Guymon, at