Islanders News · All Sports Cancelled until April 6th

Dear Spring Time Islanders

As you are all aware school has been closed for the next three weeks returning on April 6th.  This includes all athletic activities;  competitions and practices. 

While this is so unfortunate, especially for our seniors, I am hopeful that having our communities take a break will mean that starting April 6th we can return to our full activities.

While I have not confirmed,  my intention is that no games/matches/events will be made up we will just start where we left off.


One thing I urge all of our athletes to do to the best of their ability is to stay prepared both mentally and physically for their particular sport as again we most likely will hit the ground running come the 6th with no time like the beginning of the season to get in shape. This  includes eating correctly, staying well hydrated, getting enough sleep as well as staying in the best physical shape that you can. 


We are in uncharted territory here so my advice is to stay informed, stay physically healthy and keep your loved ones close.  


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me as I will be checking email (maybe not daily but frequently) at

If any new information comes out I will be in immediate contact and post on the ISF webpage.


Thank you in advance for helping to keep our Islander Family healthy and strong.  I look forward to see everyone back in the stands April 6th


Go NADO!!!!


Robin Nixon

Coronado High School

Athletic Director