Islanders News · ISF Award Winners Announced

  1. Today at the senior awards ceremony the following students received a $500 scholarship from Islander Sports Foundation.

Coaches choose students each year that have shown, above all else, integrity, sportsmanship, and friendship.  The four recipients today are prime examples of how athletics goes beyond the win and loss records.  That honor and doing what is right, working hard and showing compassion and friendship to all are statistics while not measurable are what sports are all about.  The four students selected today are incredible examples of these qualities and athletics at CHS are far better for what they have brought to our program.

Elizabeth Oliver:  Lizzy played three years of varsity waterpolo and while she played a position, center defender, that is considered the toughest, routinely taking a beating from opponents she is anything but rough keeping her cool in all situations.  She always has a smile for her teammates and Coach Began stated she is a warm and loving mentor to all no matter what level they are playing.  Coach Began went on to say that she plays with the greatest integrity and sportsmanship. Next year Lizzy will be attending the San Francisco State University.  Congratulations Lizzy!

Kathrine Larratt:  Katie made her mark at CHS playing lacrosse and running Cross country she is intelligent, humble, and driven. Coach Michaud remarked that she is one of the most respected players on the team not only for her physical abilities but also for her overall character.  Coach said that when she thinks of Katie the adjectives, intelligent, humble, and driven come to mind. Katie is an incredible caring young lady who carries herself with confidence and poise and treats all those around her with the utmost respect.  She will be attending UCLA next year with the intention of studying medicine we cannot think of a more fitting profession for such an outstanding person. Congratulations Katie!

Jake Brophy: Lacrosse is Jake’s game and he has been a key player all four years.  The past two years he has helped lead our team to the OPEN finals.  Jake was recently named player of the year for the City conference western league and an All-CIF selection to cap off his career at CHS.  But beyond his playing ability Jake was a leader and friend to all on the team.  Coach Alex Cade stated that Jake was truly committed to his teammates and showed great leadership on and off the field and his teammates agreed as he was overwhelming voted as one of this year’s captains.  He is known throughout CHS as one of the good guys always doing what is right and standing up for his fellow classmates.  UCLA was Jake’s choice of colleges for next fall.  Congratulations Jake!

Brandon Depperschmidt:  Baseball is where Brandon shined but it was not only his ability on the field that made him a standout.  Coach Morgan Cummins stated that Brandon is a consummate leader for the team and has been throughout his career and exemplifies everything our baseball program hopes to produce. He is the guy that everyone looks to when things go a little sideways, he is the rock of the team. Brando will be attending San Diego State University. Congratulations Brandon!