Multiple Teams · Message from Boys Soccer Boosters

For this season this we are asking for the following donation. Please note that no donation is necessary to play. We thank you in advance for your support and are looking forward to the season. If you are unsure whether your son will make the team please wait to make any donation until the parent night. Thanks and looking forward to a great season.

Per player donation/participation fee for 2017-18

Varsity $60.00 team donation + ISF $60.00= 120.00
JV $40.00 team donation + ISF 60.00= 100.00
When registering your player you can
make the $60 donation to ISF online and then make a separate donation to varsity or JV at parent meeting.
You can pay CHS boys soccer at the parent meeting with one check made payable to “CHS Boys soccer “ for total amount.
Varsity total 120.00
JV total 100.00
CHS boys soccer booster club will then write one check to ISF with a list of each athletes name that made the $60 donation to ISF.